Sleeve Tattoos – How To Design A Half Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve tattoos remain very popular. The design normally is a tattoo that normally wraps around the upper arm completely from the shoulder to the elbow. People call the tattoos that are made around the arm from the elbow to the wrist as a quarter sleeve tattoo because the lower arm is smaller than the upper arm. The half sleeve tattoos can be customized over pre existing tattoos by connecting the new design with the old ones.

The first thing that needs to be decided is the placement of the tattoo i.e. where should the tattoo be drawn on the arm. The upper arm is more spacious giving you more to work on than the lower arm. It is also easier to cover by a sleeve but a lower arm is difficult to cover. Even the choice of hands needs to be thought of. Those who need lots of space to work on can choose his dominant hand or one can come with sleeves to cover his tattoo.

The next step is choosing the theme of the tattoo. It cannot be a random one so you need to choose it with care. Although you do use a common theme on the arm, you can make it unique and different from others by adding extra colours and add a meaning in the tattoo.

Use individual tattoos with your half sleeve. If there are other pre existing tattoos in that region we need to connect them with the new one so that they do not look awkward. The old ones that do not carry any meaning to the theme of your choice can be covered up while the rest need to look natural and as one. Tattoo should have a natural flow and look about them.